Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

Expo Pendidikan Dies Natalis Untan ke- 58

Today, i visited Expo Pendidikan at Tanjungpura University on Auditorium Untan.
First stand I visited is Kedai Prancis. On Kedai Prancis, I played foosbal game with my friend and I get the eiffel tower key chain because i'm very exited .

Second stand i visited is Fakultas MIPA. There are many stand by studi program, me and friend watch robot action made by the studi program Sistem Komputer , The demo lab by chemistry, an exhibition of plants and animals preparat by biology, the game electricity by physics and an exhibition of dived by the Ilmu Kelautan.

Third stand i visited is American Corner Tanjungpura University. There, we played the game of make many word with the abjad on 3 minutes. We are very exited, and we take photo with coboy hat.

Fourth stand I visited UPT Bahasa Untan. There we are played the Toefl games with my friend. And I could only guess 3 answers correct.

Five stand I visited is Fakultas Kehutanan. There I see many hand creativity of wood and banner of produk fire extinguishers is called Nyapar . Its made by cooperation of Fakultas Kehutanan and Teknik Industri.

Sixth stand I visited is Resimen Mahasiswa 601. There i showed 4 uniform of Menwa. Menwa is Unit of security campus area nuanced military.

Seven stand i visited is Pendidikan Sejarah FKIP . There are many old picture of historic site in west borneo and many book of history very interesting to read and awesome for me.

Thanks for reading 😊

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