Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Speech : Traditional Culture for Loving Indonesia

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, praise and gratitude to god for blessings us.
Let on this occasion I will deliver a speech with the title “Traditional Culture to Loving Indonesia”. Geographical Region of Indonesia stretches from Sabang to Merauke. Thousands of islands ranging from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and thousands of other islands. In these islands dwell the hundreds of ethnic groups with cultural diversity.

Each tribe has a unique culture and different from each other. For example in West Java, there jaipong dance, Gamelan Degung,  and Angklung, also the customary attire of the bride. In Bali, ngaben ceremony, the kecak dance is the celebration of nyepi. In borneo we know the traditional weapons Mandau, Gawai Dayak and much more.

The diversity of cultures that make Indonesia unique. No wonder a lot of foreigners who come to Indonesia to learn Indonesian culture. This be the proof that local culture is not inferior in quality to western culture. The traditional culture  will continue to live and thrive when the owner of  culture that matter. If the owner of  culture indifferent and don't care, sooner or later traditional culture undoubtedly will be lost. Therefore, we as part of the community culture of the area should know and learn cultural heritage of our ancestors.

Many ways to get to know traditional culture. First by reading a book that contains about traditional culture. Second Visit to the traditional leaders. Third, attending rituals or ceremonies in the nearby area. Fourth, learn traditional dances, local musical instruments, traditional clothes of the region. Many traditional dances, musical instruments and traditional costumes in Indonesia. Learn first dances or musical instruments in the area before we learn the culture of other regions.

Get to know traditional culture is a means to increase a sense of love for Indonesia. With get to know and learn the culture of the area, will arise a sense of pride and a sense of having to own culture. On this auspicious occasion, I invite all colleagues, let us recognize and preserve the culture of the region that belong to us together. Who else will preserve our culture if not our own self. Apparently only the short speech from me, sorry if there are words that are less pleasing hearts of  ladies and gentleman and peers as well. Thank you.

Check my video on https://youtu.be/-ts5VaOew_8

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