Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can't imagine my life without..... 🎀

Hello everybody, meet again with me😊
This time I will tell about what I can't imagine if I life without something, it is music.
I can't imagine my life without music. For me, music is a part of life that can not be separated. Music gives a lot of meaning in my life. Something that fills my days. When I work, when I'm cooking or washing, when I'm writing or while I was sleeping. Music is something that makes my child smile and sway while listening to it. Music is something that is always there to accompany when I'm happy, or when I was sad.
Indeed, music is a means of unifying all people in the world, where there are streams of different and variegated, ranging from pop, jazz, rock, metal, classical, etc. Generally the flow-the flow of the music already has fans from all over the world.
When i'm happy, sad, angry, upset about something, the only music that can neutralize the emotional feelings. It was the music that accompanied me with songs that there is no death of the musician-the top musicians in the world. Strange and makes no sense if someone does not like music. What he did when he was sad, disappointed there is no entertainment and friends. certainly his life is like the destruction of that very in that shadowed his every step. Try to imagine what would happen if life without music. One of the music that could evoke the spirit according to me is traditional music, i.e. music with nuances dayak, maybe because I am indeed a lover of the traditional art so I am very proud with the music of my region.
Thanks for attention, Thank you 😍.

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