Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skill 👸

Talent is a potential owned by someone and is innate from birth. From the start birth to adult, talent and skill it grows and develops. My skill in my opinion is dancing. I really like dancing especially traditional. It with dancing I have shown that’s me with an dancing.
I though not perfectly professional dancer.
But, until this moment I don't like modern dance. the reason is because I am not so clever to follow the hard movement and not in a traditional dance is quite graceful especially the dance of the Dayak. My Skill according to the people around me are in the section of Science and technology, because according to them I could catch and put into practice the way of other people for example related to the world of writing in microsoft word and the operation of the mobile phone.
Talking about skill, a lot of my friends are not so understand about them skill. But there is also have a skill cause them did not develop so not useful to themself and other people. We are given skill different with other people, and  we should develop skill because it is a gift for God 😇😊
There are tens and even hundreds of talents and skills that God has given to us and we are required to develop that skill. If we were able to dig up skill our with intelligent then the probability of success is very large because most people success is by developing of them skill. On the contrary, if we do not develop skill in ourselves then just the possibility of failure.
Thanks for reading 💐

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  1. So, Kristianti, you are a high tech dancer girl then. Very cool!