Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Why I continue my study to university level

Hello, let me introduce my self. My name is Meiliani Kristianti, you can call me Anti or Mei. I came from Landak regency and precisely in the district pahauman sengah temila. I finished my studies in saint benedict senior high school.
Here is the reason why I go to university level.
The reason is most main and dominate me for college is the encouragement of my parents.
Because my parents said if we continue education of higher level, the work will be easy to get and the perception of students, college helps to obtain the work, although later the job is sometimes not in line with the science that was involved in the college before.
Lectures to learn and want to improve the human resources, for the majority of current students into a second priority after a first position above the dominate version I personally.The lecture becomes the most strategic place to hone the soft skills that I have.
Although at first I just pass the placement in Chemistry because I focus on my goal of becoming a pharmacist, but fate and the Lord said another and finally I really pursue the major that I currently occupy.
That’s all my story about the reason I continue the study to university level. Thank you😊

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  1. It's ok, meiliani. Studying at chemistry of mipa kimia and graduating from the faculty will also bring you success if you focus on your expertise :) Good luck!